• Me too on the News is a global village individualist Weblog with a smorgasbord of news and opinions springing from all over the world. It’s a cosmopolitan space where talented people of all ages, creeds, races, and nations can use their knowledge and skills to write about their global concerns and on news and events of their own milieu and nations. It’s also a competitive arena where by writing about their ideas, events, and news they will be engaged in a tussle with the established media of the globe attempting to clip some of the wings of their monopoly.
  •  Me too on the News is a rallying assembly calling on all  adept, intelligent, savvy people of the world to be creatively engaged in the achievement of their own ideals and goals by writing on the pages of Me too on the News.
  • Who wants to be my partner in this trailblazing venture on this blog?

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