A Response To An American Isolationist

 By Con George-Kotzabasis

It’s in the nature of power politics from the Roman republican times of Scipio Africanus (Carthage must be destroyed), to our own that no superpower can metastasize itself into isolationism, as your “minding our own business” implies. A benign superpower such as America by its ineluctable engagement with the world is the axis of global order.

Also, one must not forget that bin Laden is a symbol of a fanatic mass movement with multiple heads whose goal is to destroy the West and its incarnation, “evil America”. You cannot defeat such an enemy by merely “catching” or killing its symbol, bin Laden. You can only defeat him in the field of battle. Islamist terrorism is a mundanely “anarchic” movement with no centre of command. For all its true believers the centre of command is heavenly, since all of them ineradicably believe that they are the instruments of, and take their orders from, Allah.

The only way to defeat decisively such foes is to make them fail in the field of their operations , as presently seems to be happening with al Qaeda in Iraq with the new strategy of the surge which is crippling its suicidal jihadists. It’s at this point that they might start having doubts about being instruments of God and abandon their cause. This is why the outcome of the war in Iraq is of paramount importance to the war against global terror and to the security of the West.

Your opinion on this issue…

4 thoughts on “A Response To An American Isolationist

  1. madmax122382 says:

    You write well. It seems to me though, that a SUICIDE bomber isn’t going to care whether they win or lose on the field of battle. He’s committing suicide. He knows he’s outnumbered and overwhelmed, but he doesn’t care. His reward (in his mind) is in heaven.

    You will never defeat this type of enemy on the field of battle. They’ve already come to grips with the fact that they are going to die. The only way that I see this problem being effectively countered is by getting at the root–the religious schools and mosques where this type of ideology is taught.

    But I don’t mean by bombing them, necessarily, because then their cause is vindicated. No, the solution is a much slower and much more peaceful one. Education, jobs, literacy. When you’re poor, jobless, illiterate and hungry, and the local Imam tells you that it is the invading crusaders who bring all of this misery on you, but you’ll get 70 virgins in heaven if you just strap this dynamite to your chest and kill the infidel Americans…well I think I’ve made my point.

  2. kotzabasis says:

    Thanks for your response …max. Of course you are right that the suicidal
    bomber’s belief is that his reward is in heaven. The “trick” however is how
    to destroy this false belief in his mind. My proposition is that by defeating him
    decisively in a series of engagements, one has a better than a good chance
    to put an “irreversible” doubt in his mind that God after all might not
    be on his side. Since in all his confrontations with the infidel enemy he
    is defeated. Thus one drains the pool of suicidal fanatics chasing the
    seventy-two virgins. And there are signs that this is inchoately happening
    in Iraq. Al Qaeda is now using women with down syndrome and even children–
    whose bombs around their midriffs are detonated by remote control without their carriers
    quite possibly knowing that they are going to be blown-up–because the
    pool of suicide bombers might be drying-up.

    And you are certainly right about the religious schools and Mosques. Since
    9/11 in many of my essays I have emphasized the necessity of dealing with
    the incubators of this deadly ideology. My only difference with you is
    that in critical momentous situations SLOW and BENIGN measures are
    dangerously ineffective. No surgeon true to his vocation and moral duty
    would refuse to use the knife. And in this deadly conflict time is not
    on our side.

  3. John says:

    Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoyed reading this.

  4. ambirmwaiva says:

    Another great write-up with good points, I’ve been a lurker right here for a while but wish to become mmuch more included in the foreseeable future.

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