It’s Time America Realizes it Cannot Negotiate with God

By Con George-Kotzabasis

In the latest talks between Iranian representatives and the five permanent UN Security Council (SC) members plus Germany last Saturday in Geneva, the chief negotiator of Iran reading from a written text rejected the package that was offered to Iran by Javier Solama, the special envoy of the European Union. Already less than an hour of the talks, Keyvan Imani, a member of the Iranian delegation, casted his doubt over the talks saying, “suspension- there is no chance for that,” in reference to the SC demand that Iran suspends its uranium enrichment. He also downplayed the presence of William Burns in these talks, –which the international media overplayed as being a “bend” in Bush’s diplomacy toward the Iranians in its up till now refusal to participate in any direct talks with the latter—saying that “he is just a member of the delegation.”

Meanwhile, Saeed Jalili, the chief negotiator of Iran, evading the issue of suspension and tongue in cheek indulged himself in literary allusions using a simile to describe diplomacy’s glacial motion as being like a beautiful Persian carpet that moves slowly as it is made and ending with a beautiful result. It’s beyond doubt that the six superpower delegates wouldn’t mind treading and romping on that beautiful Persian carpet, but some of them might be more concerned about the ugly things slowly but surely are clawing on that carpet, such as nuclear weapons, than its ‘aesthetic’ beautiful pattern.

The Iranian delegation also attempted to outsmart their Western and Chinese counterparts in the ‘photogenic stakes.’ They suggested a photo in which Saeed Jalili and Javier Solama will be in front shaking hands and the six superpower delegates standing behind them providing the background. The five Security Council members plus the German one gave this suggestion of the Iranians the short shrift it deserved.

It’s time for America and its allies to realize that they are dealing with an unappeasable, irreconcilable, and duplicitous enemy. Moreover an enemy who unshakably and truly believes that he is implementing the non-negotiable agenda of God. In such situation only a war premised diplomacy threatening Iran’s theocratic and military leadership with obliteration has a chance to create a fissure within the regime, at least among its more moderate elements, ousting the Mullahcracy and replacing it with a regime that would accept the demands of the international community. Only when America places its lethal armaments on the carpet of Iran with the threat that they are going to be used if the latter persists in its intransigency, will the deadlock of conventional diplomacy end. In the event that the theocratic regime continues to walk and talk the path of ‘martyrdom,’ then America and its staunch allies will have no other option but to adopt Cato’s strategy. Delenda est Carthago.

I rest on my oars: Your turn now


4 thoughts on “It’s Time America Realizes it Cannot Negotiate with God

  1. newcombrs says:

    In the 90s the Russians began aiding Iran complete construction of it’s nuclear reactor that was abandoned by the Germans in 1979. Since, they’ve been aiding the Islamic Republic with it’s nuclear research and provided required supplies. Not to mention they’ve been selling arms to Iran for years, just as the United States has been selling arms to Israel. Iran was also admitted into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a defense group created by China and Russia to counter-act NATO, as an observer on a path to membership. Not too long ago Iran called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” and Israel threatened a preemptive air strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Just this month, Russia sold a S-300 Air Defense Missile System to Iran and Syria.

    Do you really think the UN Security Council is going to do anything against Iran? They are powerless, so long as Russia can exercise it’s veto.

  2. Peter Quinn says:

    Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

  3. kotzabasis says:


    I absolutely agree that the Security Council is powerless. That is why, as I emphasized in my article, only a diplomacy premised on war has a chance of succeeding. Otherwise Cato’s strategy is the only realistic option.

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