Attack on Iran: Two Strategic Strikes One Waiting in the Wings

By Con George-Kotzabasis reply to:

The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today

By John Pilger

On Line opinion, August 14, 2008

The historical fact is, which Pilger deliberately brushes over so he can make his intellectually disingenuous and moral argument, that the fear at the time was that the Germans might get the bomb first not that “Russia was our enemy,” quoting misleadingly General Groves, who was in charge of the Manhattan Project. Roosevelt had an amicable relationship with Stalin and believed their two countries after the war could reach a modus vivendi and indeed, cooperation. Moreover, the head of the Manhattan Project, Oppenheimer, and some of its other scientists, was a financial supporter, if not a clandestine member, like his brother, of the Communist Party of the USA, and hardly would have taken the directorship of the project if the bomb was to be used “to browbeat the Russians,” as Pilger claims. 

The intelligent errors of the CIA and all of its European counterparts in their estimates that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction, Pilger cleverly transforms them into lies, appealing to the conventional wisdom of the hoi polloi, so he can do his own disinformation in regards to Iran’s covert planning to acquire nuclear weapons, by dubbing it also as a lie, manufactured by the “discredited CIA-sponsored Iranian opposition, the MEK”, according to him, so he can give credibility to his own lies.

For what strategic reason would the US and its ally Israel attack Iran, whilst the former is involved at the moment in two long wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, other than the great threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to the region and to the strategic interests of the one and to the existence of the other? Whom the US would have “to browbeat” by letting loose from their silos their nuclear missiles against Iran, other than the latter?

In my opinion, if Iran is going to be attacked either by the US or Israel or both the strategic planning of the attack would be made up with two strikes. The first one would be to attack Iran with a devastating “rain” of conventional weapons that would target not only its nuclear plants but also its civilian, military, and religious leadership with the aim of decimating them. If however, its triangular leadership miraculously escapes its destruction and retaliates either against the naval and land forces of the US or Israel or any of the other Gulf States, then such retaliatory action by Iran would call a second strike executed either by Israel or the US with tactical nuclear weapons. And it’s in this dual strike, if it becomes evident to the Iranian leadership of American or Israeli determination and resolve to use their powerful armaments against Iran, that a real possibility exists of a palace revolt among its leadership that would oust the radicals and replace them with moderates who would be prone to accept the international community’s demand that Iran ceases the enrichment of uranium. 

Over to you

3 thoughts on “Attack on Iran: Two Strategic Strikes One Waiting in the Wings

  1. Iran at Natanz has the capability to have a cascade or a group of cascades of up to 50,000 P-2 Stainless Steel Rotor High Speed Uranium Enrichment U-235 Centrifuges. This capacity is supposedly – according to Irans leadership is already up to 3,800 of these P-2 advanced centrifuges.
    Israel only a little over a month ago purchased 1000 GBU Bunker Buster bombs from the Bush Administration. Each can puncture 100 feet dirt or 20 feet concrete.
    NATANZ can be punctured and readied for a tactical Nuclear Strike with this capacity.
    Iran nuclear facilities must be converted to glass before the inauguration of the “Peace” loving – talking head Obama takes over. The U.S. must provide NSA and other support to make these attacks successful. Special forces of the US have been placing laser designators at critical locations within Iran for the past two years in preparation for just such an eventuality.
    WE – The US must be assured that Iran loses her ability to go Nuclear. No childish and non-sophisticated leadership may take control of our foreign policy when such a childish, oh lets talk and have love with the Iranian leadership can be allowed to withdraw this tactical support that our special forces and military planning has been providing to Israel.
    If we allow the Iranians to have the multi-bomb per month production capacity they are building up to – we will never be safe again.
    Bomb Iran Now and lets end this charade.
    Rich – The Nuclear Physicist – my opinion is fact – defend freedom now or else lose it forever.

  2. kotzabasis says:

    Rich Westfall, many thanks for your knowledgeable, wise, and pugnacious comment. Indeed, Iran’s “nuclear facilities must be converted to glass before…’Peace’-loving…Obama takes over.”

  3. ambirmwaiva says:

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