American Scholar Turns into Agent Provocateur

By Con George-Kotzabasis

In the context of the flotilla incident for Clemons to display this intellectually asinine and politically insipid article by Ebinger, in the pages of The Washington Note, it is obvious that Steve relishes his new vocation as agent provocateur. He says, “I myself would not go back to the USS Liberty as a driver to this debate,” but surely he is not so cognitively short sighted not to see that by giving it top billing on the pages of TWN he is driving it into the debate through the back door. He also needs a lot of luck to escape the bolts of criticism for his incendiary involvement in throwing this ‘petrol bomb’ of the USS Liberty at Israel at this critical moment.

 The above comment emitted the following responses: 

larry birnbaum says,

I agree with kotzabasis above that Clemons’s disclaimer is too cute by half. We aren’t in the realm of honest discussion; at best we are in the realm of emotional acting out. The clue is Ebinger’s use of the word “impunity.” He isn’t focused on the strategic issues here — it is Israel’s attitude that bothers him. It’s all very personalized and emotional.

Which is Clemons’s weakness as an analyst as well.

 samuelburke says,

“If Steve relishes his new vocation as agent provocateur”, then
kotzabasis relishes his as agent provocateur squashateur

you”re oh so erudite Kotz, you have lost your ability to think.

Kotz the accuser.

discredit away.

I think Steve ought to be commended for his coverage of the
many issues that americans are interested  in, better to

One thought on “American Scholar Turns into Agent Provocateur

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