On the Blast of the Trumpet of Jericho Depends US Prestige

The cowardly serial retreat of President Obama from his responsibilities as leader of the sole superpower is shown, in the latest version, in his mishandling of Syria in its use of chemical weapons. The result of his desultory, effete, and indecisive action in Syria impairs irreparably the confidence of the Peoples of the World toward the USA as a strong power, and at the same time enhances anti-Americanism due to the impotency of Obama to exercise the accoutrements of power toward abating, if not  resolving, the great dangers that encompass the free world. I’m republishing the following short piece that was written on October 2007, for the readers of this blog. 

Bush not the only problem By Owen Harris, On Line Opinion, October 26, 2007

A reply by Con George-Kotzabasis

The respectable Australian commentantor on international affairs Owen Harris writes, “the US and the American people are experiencing a crisis of confidence” and “anti-Americanism is at all times high”. In my opinion the first issues from the US’s involvement in the war of Iraq and due to the initial serious tactical errors committed by it in the aftermath of the fall of the Saddam regime and on the up till now irresolution of the war. This “crisis of confidence” however, is momentary because it’s precisely related to the unresolved war. And the signs are favorable. As Americans have corrected their mistakes and are implementing a new strategy under their capable commander General Petraeus they seem to be winning the war—as I always believed that they would—and according from reports on the ground are “crippling al Qaeda”. Hence, the restoration of “respect and credibility” to the US depends on the defeat of the insurgency in Iraq. The second issue, anti-Americanism is not new. It was always there although in a milder form—it goes with the trappings of being the sole superpower—and it was exacerbated as a result of the “mishandling” of the war and the bad publicity of the liberal media against the Bush administration.

To be respected and credible a superpower must implement its foreign policy with wisdom and resolve and undeviatingly from the main threat it faces. The US has not lost the capacity to do so. Once the powerful blast of the trumpets of US power flatten the walls of Jericho, the Iraqi insurgency, the benign prestigious hegemony of America will continue to play its historical role as the axis of world order and peace.