All Cynical and Defeatist Liberals of War Repudiated by Words of Great Revolutionary

By Con George-Kotzabasis

To all the cynical and defeatists Liberals of The Washington Note and to all those resplendent pundits, like Paul Krugman and Frank Rich of The New York Times, who staked their political insights and cerebral reputations on a military failure in Iraq, the triumph of the surge and the military victory of the US against deadly foes is a bitter intellectual taste that has pervaded their whole political organism. Their continued denial of US victory, that covers by a see-through veil their abysmal ineptness in political and military affairs, can only be expressed in the inimitable words of a great but misguided revolutionary, “clumsily cunning, knavishly naive, doltishly sublime…a pathetic burlesque…a world historical piece of buffoonery.” (Karl Marx, The Class Struggle in France)