Howard’s Refugee Laws Were Right Ones For Australia

By Con George-Kotzabasis

The writer of the article is not aware or will not admit that what is a dragon for one is a guardian for another. The Howard government had realized that to guard the country from a flood of unauthorized illegal migrants had to take the necessary hard measures that would effectively stop it and prevent a repeat of what happened to other countries. The European countries for years with their loose and so called humanitarian migration laws, especially toward the peoples of their former colonies, had planted the seeds of conflict within their own societies, as presently illustrated with the burning of London by the children of immigrants, and as Enoch Powell with great insight predicted for Britain. With the awakening blow of 9/11 Europe was rudely shaken from her somnambulistic humanitarianism and was forced to adopt the Australian paradigm. So we are all  ‘racists’  now.