Islamists Have No Operational Unity but Strategic Unity in their Goal to Destroy the Sinful West

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Clemons and Lebovich being historically and politically out of their depth do not realize that the enemies of radical Islam in its eyes are not generated by “our rush to kill as many al Qaeda,” and by “overreacting” but by Allah Himself. No Clemonian “strategic balance” can nullify or make barren this infinite power of Allah to sire the enemies of the fanatics of Islam. Only a clear, wise, and steadfast strategy to kill or capture these fanatics in great numbers, wherever they are, and hence deprive them of the ability to launch successful operations against the West and America, will destroy this illusionary ideology that emanates from ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Further, Clemons and Lebovich are apparently ignorant of the fact that the connection, at least in this particular stage, of al Qaeda and other Islamist offshoots, like AQIM, the North African Islamist group, is not operational but ideological. There is no unity in jihadist  tactical operations issuing from a central command post but only strategic unity based on their ideology since the goal of all their operations, whether they kidnap westerners for ransom or engage in drug trafficking, is the destruction of the Sinful West. In such circumstances to say, as Clemons does, that it is wrong to exaggerate the power and destructive malice of al Qaeda, which is the avant-garde of this Islamist ideology that poses an existential threat to Western civilization, is to take leave of one’s senses.